Hanna season 2 release date cast spoilers

Hanna season 2 creators are planning to draw away the attention fans have gained during the release of the same titled movie in 2011.

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David Farr, the creator of Hanna, made it clear earlier, that the character will be seen exploring her new family.

Hanna season 2: The character’s perspective

Hanna Season 2

In another statement, David Farr hinted that the upcoming episodes of season 2 will explore the lead character’s perspective. Hanna will be seen struggling to find her new family and wondering what the future has for her.

The Hanna 2 series remake its stars Esme Creed-Miles as the titular character. The protagonist or the titular character is genetically modified to become a soldier under a top-secret program of U.S government.

Hanna Season 2: The cast

Hanna Season 2

Apart from protagonist, the rest characters will reprise their roles in Hanna season 2. The series will also feature most of the characters from the same titled movie. This will include Hanna’s father, Eric, played by Joel Kinnaman and CIA Agent Marissa Wiegler, played by Mireille.

Marissa Wiegler will be tasked to eliminate the likes of the titular character, Hanna.

It is clear that the plot of season 2 will be different than the movie. CIA Agent Marissa is expected to play a big role with the now-orphaned Hanna.

Hanna Season 2: The Ultimate SPOILERS

Hanna Season 2

Hanna season 2 will move further and introduce a new player, Clara, played by Yasmin Monet Prince. Hanna and Marissa will most likely become solid allies with Clara.

Adding another hint of spoilers, series creator David Farr told Den of Geek.

“For me, a second season of Hanna needs to ask questions, well, if not that family, what family? Where do I belong? And tapping into profound things around nature/nurture and destiny.”

The series creator further added:

 “Can any of us ever escape certain predestinations of where we’ve come from? Can we make ourselves a new? I want to push the character further in answering these questions.”

The streaming platform for the series, Amazon Prime is yet to announce the official release date. However, fans are anticipating the release of Hanna Season 2 in 2020.