Gintarė Bertauskienė is from Kaunas, Lithuania, and owns a Komondor dog. For most of his life, he has longed to get this dog. As a child, she received a postcard which has Komondor on it. Today, she is teh proud owner of Hanga, one of the 2 Komondor dogs in the country.

What makes this dog unusual is the long and thick coat it has. The dreadlocks that only a few dog breeds have, Jimondir is one of them. Hanga is lucky that Gintare is a pet groomer.

Hanga became an internet sensation when LADbible shared a video of the dog swimming in a lake. It has 19 million views and Gintare even made some monetary profit from it, which he used to pay for Hanga’s operation.

The street passengers also have a great interest in the dog. “Sometimes we go to town in the afternoon, just to avoid so much attention,” the woman told Kas Vyksta. “Hanga is very protective and doesn’t trust strangers. If there are too many, she gets tense”, Gintare told us.

If you ever plan to keep a Komondor, you will have to train them to be obedient. With the size, temperament, and strength that the dog breed has, it can be dangerous for you to keep the dog if left untrained.

As puppies, they do not have dreadlocks but soon as they turn older, the hair grows and the curls get entangled with one another.

A human is required to separate the deadlock individually. At age five, the coat is fully developed and looks like the in these images that you just saw.