Money Heist is back with a spicy new season at the starting of April this year. After a huge success, it is expected by the viewers how the crime caper will eventually be finished. When the first season was released on Netflix it got praised because of its sexy spin on the heist genre.

It’s a Spanish thriller. The fans of the series have come up with some facts and convincing theories for the next season. Money Heist very quickly climbs the mountain and became a hit when it was spun on the international platform.

Alvaro Morte who played the role of the workaholic professor successfully attempted to of the most flawless heist in the world has ever imagined off. In the very first mission, the highly professional criminals try to wipe out the Royal Mint of Spain.

Money Heist fan theory prediction

According to the fans, Money Heist has garnered high expectations and reputation of complexity and heated dynamics.

The series revealed that the professor became a major criminal because of his father’s death. As his father was killed while trying to attempt a theft of his own.

season 5 fan theory

There were translation issues and ambiguous scripts that also led a confusion between the relationship Berlin and the professor. According to the fans, the professor’s father was stealing money for his other son and got killed while doing so.

A guessing game around viewers that they are assuming that there are high chances that the professor will also be going to meet a similar death as his father. Meanwhile, another group of viewers has different opinions.

That concludes the professor’s death as a mark of the finale of the series.

Unfortunately, the production of season five has been put on hold due to pandemic situations happening around the world. There is yet no official confirmation from the team of Money Heist that whether a sixth season will be cast or not.