Twitter is a very fair and upstanding site. We want to find the best tweets where everything changes individually.


1. “My grandma.”


2. Definitely not for free.


3. *eyes turn into hearts*


4. An absolute king.


5. “We’ll talk when you turn 30.”


6. He’s definitely not playing around.


7. It’s an act for sure.


8. That must’ve hurt.


9. Folding one shirt a day.


10. Go Latin or go home!


11. Can’t be forgiven!


12. David doesn’t realize that everyone cries.


13. Time just went by.


14. “In my opinion, it was a funfair.”


15. It’s the soup season!


16. Does it seem like a one-and-done situation?


17. In Spain minus the ‘S’.


18. Is that a silver lining?


19. Creepy eyes that’d follow you everywhere.


20. How do they even manage to do it?


21. A voice that no one else has.