Children like playing with dolls, dressing them up, and organizing a little tea party. But unfortunately, there are not many dolls for differently-abled children. Since all the dolls that are available have a normal face, differently-abled children cannot relate them with those toys. 

That’s why a 39-year-old British woman named, Clare Tawell, who is also the mother of two kids has done something different. She has started a non-profitable organization, named, Bright Ears UK. In this organization, she modifies dolls and makes them perfect for differently-abled children. 

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She has modified a lot of dolls and it seems like children are actually liking her idea. Clare said that she got the inspiration after she became the mother of Matilda who is deaf. “I became really disheartened when I couldn’t find a doll or any toy with hearing aids. It felt to me that society didn’t deem her important and therefore she shouldn’t be ‘acknowledged’”. She wants to create unique toys for every child with disabilities so that these children won’t feel that they are different from others. 

Scroll down to see some of her work.  

Clare Tawell founded Bright Ears UK and now modifies dolls to make them look like children with various medical conditions

From 2017, Clare has sold nearly 2k dolls. Her toy altering mission is showing a good result as disabled children are liking these toys a lot. By doing this, all she wants is that people can easily find a doll in any store with hearing aids or cleft lips. 

Incomplete Cleft & Blue hearing aids

Partial cleft, purple hearing aids & mic-key feeding tube

Left incomplete cleft lip

Right incomplete cleft lip

Left incomplete cleft lip

Custom cleft

Cleft lip doll

Cleft lip repair, macrostomia cleft & blue hearing aids

Insulin Pump & CGM Sensor

Insulin Pump & CGM Sensor

Haemanhioma (Strawberry Mark) Custom made

Stoma & Mic-Key Feeding Tube

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

Macrostomia cleft

Central Venous Line


Heart scar doll

PEG feeding tube dolls

Woody & Jessie Hearing Aids & Cochlear Implants

Princess hearing aid doll

Christmas Elves with various medical conditions

Dolls with hearing aids