This is not the first time that you are going to read about people receiving unwanted things in their meals. But it is rather disgusting to find totally unexpected and creepy items. Here is a story about a mom who ordered a fried chicken for her son and instead got a deep-fried towel. Let’s discover what happened next.

The night started out normal enough.

Ms Perez ordered the food and had it delivered. A pretty standard endeavor, for sure. However, she certainly wasn’t expecting what she was to receive.

The fried chicken that Ms Perez ordered seemed fine on the surface.

Yes, she was horrified to find that it was actually a deep-fried-towel!

Maybe they need to tone down the ‘fast’, in ‘fast-food’ a little if things like this happen?

Ms Perez was horrified at the thought of how many other chicken dishes may have been contaminated by this mix-up.

They even tore the towel apart to make sure there was definitely no chicken lurking within.

The post has since garnered a massive amount of traction online, with a lot of people sharing their disgust at the towel or even trying to find the humor in the situation by writing the likes of: “This is actually a good case for a lawsuit. Your Health and other people’s health were compromised due to mishandling.” “Chicken-sad not chickenjoy… I would think it came from their [factory.] Crew in stores just open up a bag of chicken and dump it in oil so they wouldn’t know. Now I wonder, how the factory sanitation of jolibee is?” “100% Cotton, Rich in fiber and full of kitchen minerals.”

The restaurant did apparently replace the chicken, but Ms Perez wasn’t exactly thrilled about that fact.

This towel incident has caused some second-guessing.

I’ll have the deep-fried towel with tartar sauce, please.