Author Gabrielle Blair, a mother of six children, explains how unplanned pregnancies are always caused by males. She has explained her opinion in a Twitter thread and it went viral. “I’ve been working out the thoughts on unprotected sex and birth control I presented in the article over the last year,” Gabrielle told us. “I actually wrote the thread about three months ago, and then hesitated to make it public — Twitter can be a harsh place, and I worried my family would be attacked.” 

Also, Blair is Mormon. “The Mormon church has guidelines that include abortion as an option for rape, the health of the mother, etc., and those exceptions can’t happen if abortion clinics are illegal,” she added. “My interpretation of the Mormon church’s take is that it is pro-legal abortion and contraception. Other church members may interpret things in favor of anti-abortion.

Author Gabrielle Blair from California turned to Twitter to argue that unplanned pregnancies are always the man’s fault

And her unapologetic thread has generated nearly 185,000 likes and over 72,000 retweets