In a heartwrenching incident, a grieving mom was left shattered after her partner demanded a paternity test to be “sure” that he is the father. The mom explains that the two come from different races and the tone of the child does not match his father’s. However, she broadcasts the fact that she has never cheated on her better half. But the screaming reality is that she was questioned. That, in turn, made her believe that there is no trust in the relationship. The mom explains that she has planned her exit and looked over the custody possibilities as well.

The person who goes by the name u/imshattered_ on Reddit explains the incident. She writes, “I’m a new mom to a baby boy who is my pride and joy and though it’s been a rollercoaster adjusting to taking care of a baby, the past few months have been great, tiring but great.” She continues explaining her relationship. The mom writes, “I have a bf of 3 years who is the first person relationship wise I have ever loved and I thought we were doing great as new parents but also as partners.”

Mom heartbroken after bf demands paternity test

The grieving mother was taken aback by the demand. She says, “I was stunned when he asked and his reasons were that he had to be sure he was the father, he had to have that certainty. All I remember as he was speaking is just immediately feeling pain. The man I love doesn’t trust me. He would actually believe that I would fuck someone else, cheat on him, and then try to pass off another man’s baby as his. I have never ever given him reason to think I would cheat on him. I have tried to be transparent and communicated and it wasn’t enough.”

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The heartbroken mom talks about the incident. She writes, “Friday, he came home and he asked me for a paternity test. Just like that, it was completely out of the blue. I was putting away the dishes and he asked for one, like he was asking what was for dinner. I’m a different race from him but our child, apart from the skin tone, is literally his mirror image from pictures I had seen of him when he was a baby.

Mom decides to leave bf after he demands paternity test

She says, “He told me he would give me time to think about this, that he wouldn’t go behind my back and do this test but for our relationship to move forward, he needs to be 100% sure. He repeated this because he, in his words, “needed me to realize how serious he was. After thinking for a couple of days, I’m going to allow him this paternity test because I have nothing to hide. I never cheated and would have never cheated on him. Once it’s proven that he’s the father, I’m ending it, leaving the same day and I am going to try my best to be a cooperative coparent with him.

For the mother, it’s all over. She explains, “In the meantime, I’m coming up with my exit plan, a place to live, and a lawyer to work out a custody arrangement and court. I can’t even tell my family or my friends right now because they would go nuclear and my first priority is our child. I hope the test was worth it to him. I’m not asking for advice or reassurance or to explain his side. I just, I’m just realizing this part of my life is now over. What a way to start the new year, huh.”

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Internet consoles the grieving mom

One user said:

Good on you, you don’t need that insecure bs in your life full time. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he realizes you don’t poo poo where you eat

Another person said:

Had the same thing happen to me. He was cheating and all I did was waste the money on the test. Make sure he pays for it

A Reddit user said:

Lady, it’s the sign of the times due to so many folks being trapped with children that are not theirs… BUT I wholeheartedly agree with you. I could not stay with a man that demeaned me by questioning MY character. Ehff all of that. Their is NO RELATIONSHIP without trust

Another user wrote:

I would make him a single dad so fast!