A mom of a 7-years-old boy, @Cold_Case_Love has recently shared her experience regarding her son’s online teacher. She said that she couldn’t believe how little patience and tolerance the teacher had.

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Mom Heard Something During Her Kid’s Zoom And Emailed The Teacher

She Got This Response, And Called It “BS”

She Explains Why The Response Bothered Her

She’s Not Done

Make It Right

Can’t Let Things Slide

She Also Shared The Teacher’s Final Response

She Wishes The Teacher Would’ve Responded This Way The First Time

She Got A Lot Of Support From Others

And Other Reminisced About Teachers That Disrespected Them

People Came Hard For The Teacher

But Others Were Actually On The Side Of The Teacher

They Considered The Mom At Fault

They Defended The Teacher

But Ultimately, People Seemed To Agree That The Student Wasn’t At Fault

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