In challenging times, it is tough for parents to educate their children that belong to the same age group. They try to put in their best effort, however, some choose a different path.  Recently, a mother took to Mumsnet to seek advice on whether her mode of financial support was correct or not.

The mother charges her 17-years-old daughter “rent/keep/petrol equivalent to 25% of her take home.” Whereas, she doesn’t ask her son to contribute a thing. Instead of getting advice, she was rather got criticized for her actions. Scroll down take see what reactions did this post receive.

One mom has recently taken to Mumsnet to ask how best to support her 17-y.o. and 18-y.o. children

Turns out she charges her teen daughter rent and gives the money to her son, who decided to go to university

Her post stirred a heated debate and this is what people had to comment on this whole situation