School boards have begun employing guys to dress as ladies and dance for those kids in an effort to teach them about tolerance and acceptance. Prior to 2022, these drag performances featuring guys who identify as “queens” were intended to amuse middle-aged suburban ladies attending Bingo nights in pubs. One of those women must have served on a school board since she believed that this entertainment was ideal for kids. Drag queens have evolved into the yardstick for judging if someone is woke or just another X-phobe.

According to one mother, these programs that are intended to amuse middle-aged suburban women in bars on Bingo night are NOT appropriate for kids. even a captive audience of kids attending a public school run by the government. She appeared at a school board meeting disguised as one of these male performers to make her point. Greetings from Ankeny, Iowa.


This mother was allowed to speak, unlike when parents will try to read pornographic material found in school libraries that school board members believe is appropriate for children to hear but not adult school board members.

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The mother, Kimberly Reicks, was bringing attention to a particular academic achievement that had been covered by independent journalist Libs of TikTok. One image makes it look like a student is giving a dancer cash. similar to what adults will do to “strippers,” or ladies who dress like women and remove their clothing.

As of this writing, I am unaware of any public school that has employed strippers to amuse students while they learn. However, there are around 13,800 school boards in the United States, and I’m just one man.

The Ankeny Community School District is “notorious,” according to Reicks, for ignoring parental complaints, The Daily Wire reports. She continues by saying that parents want guarantees that their kids are attending school in a “safe and secure atmosphere.”