Correct pronunciation of the name is essential. After all, a name isn’t just a name.

But sometimes, even after picking the best option, one might need to change it. Like this mother who wants to change her baby’s name because she has been pronouncing it wrong.

I think it goes without saying that a baby’s name is super important.

Normally, once a name is picked, it’s game over. A done deal. That baby has that name for life,

Beginning the post, the new mom explained that her baby was only 10 days old.

“Of the other two options we were totally undecided but eventually went for Elise, a name we’ve always really liked.”

Needless to say, this mix-up has caused a lot of stress.

“Please be gentle,” she added.

Thankfully, many moms were quick to jump in and say there’s nothing wrong with changing the spelling of the name to “Elize” if she doesn’t want to change the name altogether!

“Change it or it will drive you mad,” said another.

Others were quick to point out that it’s easy to just correct the way people say their daughter’s name.

“She might decide later that she can’t be bothered to correct people and adopt the softer pronunciation,” they added.

“It doesn’t matter what you call them, they all end up with nicknames any way,” joked another.