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Mohammad Salah joined Liverpool in 2017 and since then, along with on-field success, Liverpool fans have more to cheer off. The entertaining personality along with his good heart has helped reduce hate and Islamophobia in the public.

The Egyptian forward has played a huge part in the club’s surge in performance. Epitomised by the fact he has won consecutive Premier League golden boots, he has even more to himself.

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Mohammad Salah helps cut down hate crimes

Mohammad Salah keeps doing little good acts off the field. He lifted his jersey to a young fan after their win against Southampton.

Mo Salah helps reduce hate crimes 01
Mohammad Salah has always been a fan favourite for his persona. Image: Getty

In a new study Standford University’s Immigration policy, they have found a rapid fall in anti-Muslim crimes and tweets since Salah’s arrival in 2017. There has to have some connection. An 18.99% decrease in hate crimes is no joke and he has helped reduce Islamophobia.

The decrease is quite relevant as no other crime has decreased around that figure. The trend is for real.

Hate tweets especially Islamophobic ones have also seen a decrease to half.

What could be the possible reason in specific?

Mohammad Salah has put light on Islamic activities and made people more familiar and comfortable to them. Like he performs Sajdaa after scoring and that may have helped in acceptance of the culture.

According to the report, the survey points out that the decreased number of crimes may have to do with increased familiarity.

These findings suggest that positive exposure to outgroup celebrities can reveal new and humanising information about the group at large, reducing prejudiced attitudes and behaviours.

Salah’s other behaviours are also lovable. And so he’s looking like an example, a representative of the community. And his goodness is relieving the community of hate.

Salah doesn’t celebrate after scoring against his former team. He’s always joking around entertaining his teammates and has complete respect for opponents. He is loved by one and all and stays humble in his activities. No signs of arrogance and he also went to see a fan diagnosed with brain problem.

Celebrities can always use their popularity in spreading love. Salah is definitely setting examples eliminating prejudice. And well, also the matter of Liverpool’s final win. Check out for more updates.