Nick Markakis Rumors

Nick Markakis is having a hard time in the MLB as Atlanta Braves have started to doubt his capability. Some people think that Markakis is old and worthless, and the Braves need to ditch him to reach the playoffs. On the other hand, many fans believe Markakis is an underrated gem, and the Braves needs his experience with the bat. The fanbase has been equally divided on Markakis, and the Braves are confused about their future decision.

Even though Nick Markakis has been turned into a polarizing figure by the fans, he is still a decent player. Nick is a boring middle-aged man who doesn’t complain about anything and shows up to work daily on time. But at the same time, the Atlanta Braves team has to found a way to use Markakis properly.

Atlanta Braves needs to utilize Markakis Better

Markakis Atlanta Braves

Nick Markakis has been performing very well since the past seasons, and it might even continue if they find a way to use him properly. The wRC+ score of Markakis has been increased from 114 to 137 in the last MLB season. He has been a great offensive player, and his performance is constantly improving.

But at the same time, Markakis is not able to finish well even after a good start. The Braves team management must find out a way to counter that to qualify for the playoffs. The real problem is that Nick is 35 years old, and his stamina has been decreasing with time. Atlanta Braves needs to find a way where they can utilize the offensive ability of Markakis without tiring him too much.

Markakis needs rest against left-hander Pitchers

Markakis Pitchers Rest

Nick Markakis is a left-handed player, and he would have a hard time playing against the left-handed pitchers. The best option with the Atlanta Braves team is to give Markakis some rest and substitute him with some young player.

There won’t be much problem at the initial stage without Nick Markakis, and the Braves can make it to the playoffs. Markakis will get his much-needed rest as he has been continuously playing for the last 8 MLB seasons. In this way, the Braves can get a fresh Markakis in the time of need during September and October.