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Brian Goodwin, the outfielder from Los Angeles Angels has been generating a lot of buzz in the MLB trade circles recently. The Angels are currently at the win to loss ratio of 55-52 and have chances to make it to the playoffs. In such a situation, it is not clear whether the LA city team will trade out Goodwin or not.


The Angels acquired Goodwin from the team of Kansas City before the last season and the deal turned out to be amazing for them. It is not clear whether Goodwin can generate enough return for the Angles but given his low price, an average deal will also be profitable. Here are the reasons why Goodwin is generating a lot of interest in MLB free agency and the stance for Angeles for a possible deal.

Goodwin in the last Season

Brian Goodwin Stats MLB trade deal Free Agency

There are rarely any players in baseball who excel all three departments of hitting, pitching and fielding. But the 28-year-old Goodwin is kind of an exception in MLB. The left-handed swinger had a league average wRC+ (100) in the MLB 2017-18 season.

Along with that, Goodwin appeared on the plate 458 times where he slashed .246/.315/.456 with 19 home runs and 10 stolen bases. The last few months for Goodwin in Angels are kind of mix and it has made everyone confused about a potential deal.

Angels on Trading Goodwin

Goodwin Deal Possible MLB trade deal Free Agency

The fact that Goodwin can play in every position makes his deal possibilities a bit complicated. He is kind of an inconsistent player and the Angels have to take a risk if they decide to extend his contract further. The fact that the Angels can sell Goodwin for a high price due to his recent form is the only thing that matters.

Kole Calhoun, the right fielder from Los Angeles Angels is also trying to move out of the team. In such a situation, the Angels can’t afford to lose Goodwin. These are confusing times as the Angels can’t make up their mind on whether to trade Goodwin or not.