MLB trade deal Trevor Bauer Cincinnati Reds

Trevor Bauer is one of the biggest names in MLB who changed his team before the trade deadline. In one of the biggest exchange, Bauer was sent to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for Yasiel Puig to the Cleveland Indians. While the Reds are happy to have an amazing starting pitcher in their team, it might not last long.

Bauer has no intention to stay more than a year in Cincinnati and move out very soon. Bauer has a lot of confidence in himself and it is the main reason why he wants better deals. Most of the high profile players in any sports field always sign short term contracts. Here are the main reasons why Trevor Bauer will leave the team of Reds soon.

Short Term Deals with Every Team

MLB trade deal Bauer Contracts

Bauer has revealed that he wants to sign one year deals with every MLB teams so that he can have the flexibility to change teams. There are a lot of MLB teams who prefer players for the short one year deal so that they can trade them out if performance is not as per the mark.

While there is more money in constantly changing teams, it has also the risk of getting deals in case of an injury. Bauer knows the facts and is confident in himself as if it can go wrong and he might have to sit out on the bench a large part of his career.

Bauer wants to become LeBron James of MLB

MLB trade deal Trevor Bauer Cincinnati Reds LeBron James Comparison

LeBron James has been kind of doing the same thing in the NBA as he has already played for many teams. James also signs short term deals so he can stay flexible and it is the main reason why he is bigger than any team. Most of the players in MLB have been associated with a single team and barely have any identity outside that.

Trevor Bauer wants to break the wheel and become the LeBron James of MLB. He comes from a rich family, has a good education degree and money won’t be an issue for him if he is not signed by any of the teams. To make the dream possible, the first step is leaving the Reds and Bauer is going to do that soon.