MLB Free Agency Trade Deal Tony Watson Madison Bumgarner Chris Martin Corey Dickerson and Todd Frazier

MLB free agency is only a week away and Wednesday, July 31 will be the deadlines to finish all the deals. As for this year, there is no August waiver period and hence every team has only a little time left. Most of the MLB stars have turned into free agents and the teams have to offer them better contracts to retain. Here are the possible free agency deals for Tony Watson, Madison Bumgarner, Chris Martin, Corey Dickerson, and Todd Frazier.

Tony Watson

MLB Free Agency Trade Deal Tony Watson

Tony Watson is one of the best pitchers from the San Francisco Giants who have a player option for the year 2020. It means that Watson could become a free agent soon and a deal can be made with other teams. St. Louis Cardinals team is kind of interested in Watson and the Giants won’t hinder much if a better offer is provided.

Madison Bumgarner

MLB Free Agency Trade Deal Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner is up for the free agency but the Giants are in no mood to trade him easily. Either they will ask for a high sum of two to three players in exchange so that the other teams refuse for a deal. Farhan Zaidi, the general manager of the Giants is well aware of the name and fame of Bumgarner and probably keep in him the team for another season.

Chris Martin

MLB Free Agency Trade Deal Chris Martin

The Texas Rangers have to trade out Chris Martin from their team due to the free agency rules. Martin had an amazing walk out the rate at just 2.1% and a total of 33 run-outs in the last season. The Los Angeles Dodgers will be happy to sign in Martin if he agrees for a deal. The Dodgers could pair him up with Kenley Jansen and Pedro Baez and can make the best MLB team.

Corey Dickerson

MLB Free Agency Trade Deal Corey Dickerson

Corey Dickerson is getting good at offense but he needs to work on his offense before the next MLB season starts. He will become a free agent in some time and will be a perfect fit for the Oakland Athletics team. Stephen Piscotty is recovering from his knee injury and Dickerson can be signed in to fill the void. He could also become a great partner to Robbie Grossman and Khris Davis for the Athletics in the next season.

Todd Frazier

MLB Free Agency Trade Deal Todd Frazier

The Boston Red Socks are in dire need of a left-hand hitter and Todd Frazier could be a smart choice. The Mets don’t have much use for Frazier and his talent is being wasted in a team full of stars. Frazier might not be such a great player, but he can bat well at the cost the Red Socks will make a trade deal for. The smallest thing in the MLB matters the most and the Boston team knows it very well.