Edwin Diaz MLB News

MLB trade deadline is closing fast and Edwin Diaz is bringing more harm than good for the New York Mets. Even though the Mets managed to win their last game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Diaz kind of played very badly near the end. The game was played on Sunday night where Diaz was making a comeback in the bullpen after a long break.

Mets were planning to warm him up before they trade Edwin in the free agency. It fired back as Diaz almost cost them the game and now his stocks have fallen by a big amount. The whole fiasco brought a lot of troubles for Mets and Edwin Diaz as the fans were also outraged and booed him while returning. Here is why the Mets fans got angry and how it means trade troubles for Diaz and his team.

Crowd Booing over Edwin Diaz

Public Ourage over Diaz

The Mets were having a good game and leading by a considerable margin from the Pirates. All of a sudden, Diaz comes on the field to bowl and by giving two home runs and endangering the whole game. The main thing which made the crowd angry was that Diaz didn’t even make an effort to save the innings.

During the ninth inning, the Mets were leading by 8-3 and after Diaz came to play, the score dropped to 8-7. It was their luck that the Mets were still somehow able to save the game, but it didn’t save Edwin from embarrassment. The public in the stadium started booing at Diaz when he was returning to the dressing room after the match was over.

Fallen Stocks are Trouble for Mets

Trouble for Mets

New York Mets were planning to trade out Edwin Diaz at a high rate and a lot of MLB teams are also interested in a deal. But the last game has changed things and the stocks for Diaz have fallen by a huge margin. The other teams might have to rethink their decision as to their no point in having a player who doesn’t commit to his game.

If it was a regular game, there would have been no issue for Mets, but it happened just 3 days before the MLB trade deadline. The Mets are hoping that a single game doesn’t change much and they can still get a good deal for Edwin Diaz.