A meteorologist in Mississippi had an emotional response to the deadly tornadoes that just hit the state. He said a prayer LIVE on the air, which has since gone viral.

Matt Laubhan of WTVA 9 News was giving weather reports on Friday night as word started to spread that huge storms were coming. He stopped talking about what the city of Amory, which is in the northeast of Mississippi, could expect to see.

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Mississippi tornado

Check it out—pretty it’s shocking to see how he acts when a tornado is coming and he’s obviously scared. He even stops and asks Jesus to help them by saying his name.

Even before he said his prayer, Laubhan was getting into the details and being honest with viewers, telling them that even though he might be able to predict what will happen, they should be ready for the worst. He also brought up helpful tools for interaction on the screen.

His whole show came from the heart, and you could tell he cared about the people on the ground. It’s a touching moment, and people on the Internet appreciated it.

As for the aftermath, up to 26 people are thought to have died after tornadoes ripped through much of Mississippi and caused a lot of damage. The winds that came with these tornadoes were at their strongest, going as fast as 166 to 200 mph. So, a natural disaster of the worst kind.

Mississippi tornado

Now that the flood is over, the process of rebuilding can begin. President Biden has declared an emergency in Mississippi, which means that federal funds can be used to help the state get back to normal.