Cats are a pain in the ass.

You probably know what I mean if you own an indoor cat. They will spend the rest of their lives sitting in front of the door scratching and yelling at you if you don’t open it. I usually let my kitten Venus out onto my front lawn for a while to have some fun but as soon as I bring her inside, she sits next to the window and stares outside as if I have never let her out her whole life. I don’t understand how cats work and I think mine is broken, so they should have a manual.

Cats cause a lot of chaos indoors. They will destroy everything if they are left on their own. One such cat named Ella decided to disturb his whole neighborhood when he went missing, and he had no regrets afterward. The thread on the man’s story about his cat going missing is hilarious. You can read it below:


The orange moron is named Ella. He was missing for 36 hours.


There was a rumor about Ella being missing.


Larry talked about an animal that invaded his home in the middle of the night.


“A golden cat,” sounds pretty much like Ella.


Larry left his shit in the house because he didn’t have time for it. Zero fu*ks given.


The missing cat’s owner is going to visit Larry.


When the guy calls for her, she doesn’t show up.


I think he wants to eat his words.


He probably turned the whole place upside down if it’s true that he’s in that house.


I want to be like Larry when I am older.


There was no sign of her.


It is terrifying when your pet goes missing. Anything could happen to them. Someone might steal them. They could be hurt. They may be starving or lost. When I lost my cat, I couldn’t sleep until I found him again. Look after your pets. They are a family.


There are some possibilities for this situation.


Apparently, she is everywhere.


News from Larry!


Let’s see where this goes.


We just hope Larry is okay.


Larry is a national treasure.


Larry’s news was not really news. Still waiting for her.


She is hiding from everyone.




He was in Larry’s house after all!


He doesn’t know that he has caused a lot of trouble in the town.

Doesn’t show any remorse.


But I think he is happy to finally be home.


I imagined him to be just like this.


After all, it was a happy ending! We are happy that she made it home. Has your pet ever gone missing? How did you find it again? Tell us your stories in the comments.