Miss Australia Francesca Hung has always seen Catriona Gray as her greatest competitor and now it is pretty clear.

Hung talked about Gray in an interview on “The Morning Show”, which is an Australian TV program. The show noted in the pageant recap that the new Miss Universe is “half-Aussie”. When Hung was asked to describe Gray off-camera, she said,

She grew up in Australia, so she has the same sort of values and ideals. She was born for this role. She is a well brought-up pageant girl, so she is going to be an amazing spokesperson for Miss Universe.

Credits: Mogaz News

Born in Cairns coastal city situated in Far North Queensland, Australia, Gray is twenty four years old. She is the daughter of Ian Gray, who is a Scottish-born Australian, and Normita Magnayon, who is Filipino and hails from Albay.

The Australian headlines majorly talk about Gray’s roots after she won the Miss Universe title. Cairns has plans of a mayoral reception for Gray, is she visits there during her reign.

Hung said that her time in Miss Universe was full of controversies regarding her involvement in a video that went viral featuring Sarah Rose Summers who apparently mocked the non-English speaking participants.

Credits: The Asian Post

When asked about her being the target of criticism, Hung said that this was first of such experience for her including the online attack and abuse. She even had a panic attack because of it and it’s really hard as you don’t have your family around.

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Hung even deleted her Instagram and didn’t look at anything for a while. But with time, she realized that it’s not possible to change what other people think about you. So it’s better to focus on your true intentions and let other people think what they want.

Source: ABS-CBN, US Magazine