Ray Chavez died on Wednesday at the age of 106. He is the survivor of World War II and also he is the oldest person of US military survivor. He was struggling with pneumonia and he was found dead in his sleep says Kathleen who is the daughter of Chavez. His recent travel was to Washington D.C and President Donald trump honoured him on the Memorial day.

The tweet of the White house says that they were really honoured to have h

im at the Whitehouse before his death. They also have thanked him for his great service to the nation. Chavez in his talks during the ceremony in 2016 said that he is really feeling a loss about his friends. They were together and were like brothers and friends.

Before the Japanese attack he asked his wife not to wake him up as he was working all the through the day. Within 10 minutes of his sleep his wife waked him and told that they were on attack. Then he reached the harbour and found it in fire. Then later he was moved to USS La Selle a transport ship to Okinawa.

He was never found wounded till 1945 and that was the year he had to leave the military for he had suffered with some stress disorder. Then he moved to San Diego and worked as a landscaper to keep him fit as well to restore his health. His daughter to the press said that her dad loved the plants and trees very much and anything related to them if he is been asked he would never miss any of its details. He has retired from his service finally at the age of 95. The only survivor in his family is his daughter.

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