October 2018 Update of Windows 10 by the tech giants Microsoft has failed to be a successful update and it took a terrible fall of its expectations. Just hours after the update from Microsoft it had to suspend the giving out of the update due to the reports of data loss that emerged quickly. The tech giants are reportedly working on it and the update is set to undergoing a re-release after a test.

We have seen Windows feature update that has had problems like hardware incompatibilities in earlier updates but this turns out to be the worst.

Windows as a service

The company had earlier planned to radically shake up the way it develops Windows 10. According to market needs and to provide better response to the customer the company had planned the update. The intention was also to make sure that improved new features reached their customers’ hands sooner.

The company went so deep in to the concept that it went on to decide that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. And all new improvement works will be let out as an update to Windows 10 that will be distributed through feature updates several times a year. The company named the new evolvement model as ‘Windows as a Service.’ But after it resulted in some initial fumbling, Microsoft decided to go with an update in April and adding one more in the month of October, a total of 2 feature updates a year.

The company seems to lack in confidence that the scope and impact of each change is isolated, this leaves us to presume that the number of changes to the update has to be very low. Only massive testing could give confidence, because when all your tests run successfully you can be sure that a change is safe. It appears that whatever testing the company puts Windows through; it is not sufficient to earn this confidence.

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