Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 release date cost specs

Microsoft Surface Laptop lineup has some of the best laptops in the market. The Surface Laptop 2 released last year has been a hit among the consumers and speculation about the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 has surfaced on the web.

Even though the information and rumors surrounding the Surface Laptop 3 are thin on the ground but let’s take a look at what we can expect the next device.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Specifications

According to rumors floating on the web, fans are hoping to see a Surface Laptop 3 with Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake Processors.

Intel recently announced its latest lineup of Ice Lake Processor at the CES 2019.

The Thunderbolt port has been missing in all the Surface Laptop till now.

However, considering the other devices like Monitors and peripherals supporting this standard, Microsoft should provide a Thunderbolt 3 port on the Surface Laptop 3.

Interestingly a patent filed by Microsoft in December 2018 titled “Innovative Magnetic USB C Surface Connector” hints that the company might be working on its own proprietary connector.

Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop Specifications

It is not new for the companies to include their own connector in the device. Both Microsoft and Apple have fiddled with this idea in the past.

The fans are also expecting a new take on the design of the Surface Laptop. Even though the Surface does not look bad but more color options and thinner design could help.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: Cost

The 2017 edition of Surface Laptop cost $799. The 2018 edition of Surface Laptop came at the price of $999.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 release date cost

Considering the new hardware and improved hardware we expect a bump in price by $200. This means the Surface Laptop 3 will cost you around $1200 or more.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: Release Date

Surface Laptop 3 Release Date

The first edition of Surface Lineup was released in June 2017 and Surface Laptop 2 was released in October 2018.

The recent reports suggest that Surface Laptop 3 will be released in September 2019.