Microsoft Surface Book 3 could be a gaming notebook

    Microsoft Surface Book 3 specs release date price

    Microsoft is expected to unveil the next iteration of Surface Book lineup in the coming fall. However, the tech giant has remained tightly lipped about the specs and features of Surface Book 3, leading to a lot of speculations and rumors.


    Interestingly the older Surface Book 2 shipped with a built-in Xbox controller receiver and it could run high-end games with ease. The ability to run triple-A titles on Surface Book turned into a hybrid gaming and productivity notebook.

    Many fans are questioning the possible design changes to accommodate the rumored gaming hardware. According to the leaks, it is highly likely that Surface Book 3 will sport the new Intel processor and a new gen GPU from Nvidia or AMD.

    Microsoft Surface Book 3 specs price release date

    The rumors claim that Surface Book will use Intel’s next-gen Ice Lake processor while AMD’s GPU is likely to be used in Surface Book 3. If these speculations are correct, then it looks like that a Microsoft gaming notebook is finally happening.

    Microsoft should beef up the battery size of Surface Book 3 if its emphasis in one gaming. Surface Book 3, it will need a bigger battery during intense gaming.

    Another leak related to Surface Book 3 has surfaced according to which Surface Book 3 will use a dual display setup that can fold. Tom Warren of Verge reported that Microsoft has already made a prototype which is being reviewed internally.

    Microsoft Surface Book 3: Price

    The rumored hardware upgrade both in CPU and GPU will bump the price of Surface Book 3. If Microsoft implements the dual display concept, then it likely to go even higher.

    Surface Book 3

    However, looking at the pricing of the older variant, we expect the based model to be priced at $1500.

    Microsoft Surface Book 3: Release Date

    Surface Book 3 Price

    Microsoft has followed a consistent release schedule for its Surface Book lineup. It is likely to release the Surface Book 3 in September 2019


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