What would you do if you found a bag with almost $30k inside it? Some might take the unaccounted money and get themself a new whip. But not for the man we’re talking about today. A Good Samaritan returned a whopping $27,000 after he found a black box outside his ATM. An armored security guard left $27,000 outside an ATM at a Westland Federal Credit Union. Upon spotting the bag, the Michigan man decided to look inside the box. As he approached the box, he read a label on the box that read “$40,000” and the man was shaken. However, he did not succumb to temptations and did what was right.

George Condash, hailing from Michigan, was outside the ATM of his credit union to carry out his transaction. That is when he came across an unattended black box that was sitting right in the middle of the street near the drive-through window. Apparently, an armored security guard had accidentally left the box outside while unloading several boxes of cash from the ATM. When he went to return the money, nobody from the security knew how to react to this selfless deed.

Michigan Man stuns security by returning $27k

Condash decides to return the money without any hesitation. This is a decision that many would have not made. He waltzed into the credit union and placed the money on the counter. The security had dumbfounded looks on their faces as they did not know how to react. Firstly, losing $27k is not explainable. Secondly, they were taken aback by Condash’s action.

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Upon reaching the security, Condash asked, “Is there a reward for $40,000?” That much is allowed for being honest. He explained the incident saying, “I drove right around here.” He continued, “First I thought it was trash. For some reason it hit me – Why don’t I just pick it up so nobody has to swerve around it?” He continued, “I picked it up and noticed a tag stating that there were 40k.” He did receive an envelope for his honesty as a reward but it is not clarified what was inside it.