Michelle Wolf, an anti-Trump comedian, addressed White House Correspondents’Association as cowards as they ditched comedy for the annual dinner of 2019. Instead, Ron Chernow, the biographer of Alexander Hamilton, was announced as the speaker for the annual dinner which will take place on 27 April. Michelle Wolf tweeted,

As we celebrate the importance of a free and independent news media to the health of the Republic, I look forward to hearing Ron place this unusual moment in the context of American history.

The host’s role is to roast the media and the president with daring jokes even taking shots at the world’s most powerful person, but as per critics, Wolf took it way too far in the previous annual dinner. This time Chernow is chosen for the annual dinner. He has written various biographies including prominent figures like George Washington, John D Rockefeller and Alexander Hamilton.

Chernow shared that the WHCA has asked him to talk about freedom of press and he is glad that he got the opportunity. The biographer is concerned that it is the duty of historians to preserve the rich storehouse of a nation’s memory.  He is not a comedian, but he joked that his history lesson won’t be that dry.

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At the annual dinner of 2018, the attendees were completely stunned when Wolf attacked Sarah Sanders, the press secretary, who was the representative of the Trump administration at the dinner. Wolf criticized her Southern roots and job performance without any fear.

However, several journalists took Sanders’ side and defended her after Wolf’s speech. The Trumps were not at the event and called the event boring and said that Wold bombed the event. “The Break with Michelle Wolf” shortly debuted on Netflix after that, but it was cancelled later.

Source: Fox News Network, New York Times Report