Though the officials of DC Extended Universe movie franchise have let them down the fans of the franchise seem to be filled with new inspirations. The point of discussion this day is Batman fan art. They have begun to think  of the means by which the first (1989) movie ‘ Batman’ star Michael Keaton could make a comeback into the fold of the franchise.

The current craze raging in Hollywood of churning out sequels even after many  years have elapsed since the original movie was first released. They desire that direct sequels to those super hit classic be brought out.

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The fans want to see a ‘ Batman Beyond’ action movie . The inspiration has come from a series that takes us to a Gotham City of 2039 in which Bruce Wayne has retired from Batman duty. Then one day Bruce comes across a young man Terry Mc Ginnis in his apartment area. The young man is trying to escape from a gang called ‘The Jokers ‘. Then Bruce decides to train the young lad and lets him put on the high tech Batman suit. They want this as the beginning of the sequel of  ‘Batman Beyond ‘.

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