Men in Black International Netflix release date

Chris Hemsworth’s Men in Black International was released all over the world this weekend, and it has created quite a hype. It was the first film of Chris Hemsworth that came out after the extremely successful Avengers finale that was released in April this year.

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Will Men in Black International come on Netflix?

Fans of the franchise and Hemsworth’s lovers are wondering if they will see the film released on Netflix. It is quite obvious that we will not see the film on any online streaming platform until it is released on DVD, but fans are already asking the question regarding its Netflix release.

While there has been no announcement by Netflix or the production team of Men in Black regarding the film being released on Netflix, a fansite called What’s on Netflix has researched regarding the matter.

The fansite suggests that it is very likely that the film will be released on Netflix US Library very soon. Fans will be delighted to know that they can see the movie on Starz shortly because the channel holds an exclusive contract over all the films released by Sony.

Sony’s contract with Starz

The contract does not expire until the end of 2021, so it is highly likely that the film will end up on the channel after its DVD release.

Sony has also revealed that they will not be renewing the contract after it expires as they are more interested in shopping out individual films after 2021. It means that Netflix and other streaming services will be able to bid for the movies after the contract ends.

Those of you who have a DVD subscription may be able to get their hands on the film at the end of this year, but it is difficult to say if we will see the movie on Netflix soon.