Mel Greaves Explained How a Drink Filled with Microbes are Protecting Against Leukaemia

    Newly Knighted Sir Mel Greaves
    Source: ICR

    Newly knighted’s battle against Leukaemia

    Mel Greaves, the newly knighted cancer scientist has a simple motto in life. Greaves tried creating a drink which is similar to that of a yoghurt drink which will prevent the children from developing leukaemia.

    The idea might sound quite far-fetched and eccentric at the same time as cancers aren’t usually defeated this easily.

    Nevertheless, Greaves is extremely confident about his plan, and his experience in the field speaks for himself. Greaves’ ideas are taken seriously by some of the other researchers of cancer.

    Cancer Drugs on Cancer Cell

    Source – The Guardian

    Protecting kids from Leukaemia

    Greaves spent over 30 decades in studying the childhood leukaemia in the Institute of Cancer Research which is based at London. Last week on Friday, there was an announcement that the professor had received a knighthood in the honours list of the New Year because of the research Greaves has carried out in the field.

    Greaves said that for over 30 long years, he had been obsessed as to what causes leukaemia in children. Finally, for the very first time, he has an answer to the question which means that they finally have something to think about, the ways for halt leukaemia right in its tracks and that is how his idea of introducing a drink came into being.

    Lack of exposure to microbes leads to Leukaemia

    Credits – Big Think

    The ratio of Children suffering from Leukaemia in Europe

    Back in time, during the 50s, the common acute lymphoblastic leukaemia that affects one child among 2,000 children in the United Kingdom was deemed as lethal. And now around 90% of these cases are cured but the treatment is quite toxic, and the procedure can give a person long-term side effects.

    Missing microbes leads to childhood cancer

    Credits – BBC


    Greaves along with his team has started working on viruses, bacteria as well as other microbes which lives in the human gut. Greaves and his team are currently finding a way of reconstructing their microbiomes – a community of microbes.

    They are reportedly trying to find out, what are the most important species among the bacteria which can prime an immunity system of a child.

    Source: The Guardian, Independent UK

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