It’s safe to say Megyn Kelly has little regard for Meghan Markle. It appears to have nothing to do with the fact that they spell their names differently.

Instead, Kelly referred to Markle as a “B-list actress” and a “social climber” before calling her husband, Prince Harry, “thin-skinned.” It all happened during Kelly’s podcast interview with Tom Bower. Bower is the best-selling author of Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War of the Windsors.

“These two are as thin-skinned as they come when it comes to their public image,” Kelly said of the Sussexes.

Bower described Markle as “tactile,” adding that in 2013, she “chased a man in England.” This comes on the heels of her divorce from film producer Trevor Engelson.

Markle rose to prominence in the USA Network series Suits before marrying Harry in 2018. They left the royal family two years later. According to Bower, she has always wanted to be a celebrity, “but she wants to control the narrative.”

He then laughed off the couple’s claims that the press is unfair to them.

“Anyone who gets in her way is teased and attacked,” Bower said. “Harry has become hypersensitive and hates the media while seeking approval from the media by going on Netflix, Spotify, or Apple TV.” “The contradiction and hypocrisy are massive.”

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Kelly, on the other hand, can’t understand why a couple who seeks attention so much is upset when not all of that attention is positive.

“Her whole thing is about image, so I can understand why she gets so upset when she gets bad press,” Kelly said of Markle.