Meg Ryan made a rare public appearance in New York on Thursday. She was totally unrecognizable.

The 61-year-old actress hasn’t been photographed since November of last year. When she went to support her friend Michael J. Fox at a screening of his upcoming documentary, still, she had a face that looked too smooth to be real.

Meg Ryan has always said she hasn’t had any plastic surgery or enhancements, but she has a fuller pout and wrinkle-free skin. Her trademark blonde hair framed her face.

At the screening, which took place at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, the Sleepless in Seattle star looked happy as she posed for pictures with friends like Bill Murray and Elvis Costello.


Meg Ryan has been going out less in public lately, but she made sure to be there to support Michael, who is putting out a movie on Apple TV+ about his fight with Parkinson’s disease.

Meg Ryan with Michael J. Fox

The film tells Michael’s story in his own words, from his childhood on a Canadian army base to his rise to fame in 1980s Hollywood. It uses documentary, archival, and scripted footage.

The story follows his public life as well as his private journey, which has never been seen before. This includes the years after he was secretly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 29.

Meg Ryan’s outfit for the documentary screening was very stylish. She wore a red jacket with brown plaid pants and chunky black boots.

The Golden Globe nominee’s looks have changed a lot over the years, which has led to a lot of rumors about what she has or hasn’t done.

I don’t pay a lot of attention frankly,

she told Porter magazine in 2015 when asked about the speculation surrounding her plastic surgery.

There’s a lot of hatred in the world today. It’s so easy to judge. Imagine being a hater, how stupid.

In 2016, plastic surgeon Mark Youssef looked at her face and told Hollywood Life that he thought she had “too many” changes.

The most obvious thing that she’s had done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek,

he said.

It’s definitely too much because the apple of her cheek is too full and too large. When she smiles, all of that filler moves up and makes her eyes look smaller.

The reason she looks masculine is because of the placement of the volume in her cheeks. The volume of the filler should have been placed more laterally to give her a softer look.

Meg Ryan at Michael J. Fox's documentary screening

He also thought she might have had a nose job, Botox, lip injections, and maybe even a facelift.

The tip of her nose is narrower than before. The tip looks more pinched, so it’s very possible that she had some sort of rhinoplasty,

he continued.

There’s definitely volume in her lips as well, and Botox on her forehead. She’s had too much Botox in the forehead, and as a result the eyes look smaller because it drops the position of the eyebrow.

The surgery that most drastically changes the shape of the face is a face lift. It looks like Meg Ryan may have had one.

It’s possible because the shape of her face has changed so much. The texture of her face also looks different. It looks like she could have had some sort of laser skin resurfacing procedure.

Last year, it was announced that Meg Ryan would be coming back to the big screen. She plans to star in and direct the upcoming movie What Happens Later.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie is based on the play “Shooting Star” by Steven Dietz.

Meg Ryan

The news source also said that the playwright, Kirk Lynn, and the actress were all writing the screenplay together.

The movie is called an “evolved and nostalgic take on romantic comedy” by the people who made it.

What Happens Later focuses on a former couple who look back at their love life while they are stuck at an airport because of snow.

David Duchovny will play the male lead opposite Meg Ryan in the upcoming movie.