We are sure we’ve all come across animals that have made us turn our heads and have a second look, but have you ever seen a dog quite like this?

Have you met the dog with the longest nose in the world? Well, meet Eris- the Borzoi Sighthound, from Richmond, Virginia. This cutie was adopted by her owners in 2018. At the time when Lily and Savannah adopted Eris, they didn’t know their little furry friend is going to have a world-record breaker nose. 

As she began to grow, her not-so-usual snout became evident. Eris’s nose has been measured at 12.2 inches.

“We get stopped a lot because people want to ask questions or know what kind of dog she is. She’s also got a really big personality, so a lot of our neighbors know who she is, and she just loves saying hello to them!” Lily told us.

Borzoi Sighthounds originated in Russia. The name of their breed translates to ‘fast’.