The lockdown has been a rough time for all of us. But, it surely has made us realize that there are other important things in our lives that we should focus on apart from just running behind money. People have been less occupied lately and because of which, the photographs of a cat immediately went viral when people started sharing it.

Hiptoro reached out to the owners of the notorious cat to find out about the story behind this little feline. Carrot, the orange cat went viral on the Internet for giving help pet parents anxiety.

This is what the owners had to say about this naughty cat,

“One of our best friends works at a local animal hospital. Someone found him at a gas station and brought him into the hospital. He was fostered for a bit by someone else but we suspect it wasn’t a good situation because he was very stressed and they ended up surrendering him back to the hospital. Carrot then lived at the hospital a couple of weeks, and our friend who worked there brought him over to our apartment one weekend when she was looking after him.”

This was the photo that made Carrot a rising star on the internet

“It was pretty much love at first sight and we immediately bonded,” the owners revealed, “we took him in to foster the following Monday and by Friday (less than a week later) we officially adopted him at 12 weeks!” The newly found cat parents couldn’t be happier with their adoption: “He is both of our first cat and our best friend and we feel extremely lucky to have found him.”
The owners elaborated on Carrot’s personality and it turns out for such a small critter, he’s got all the energy in the world:
“He is extremely playful and has the biggest personality. The way to his heart is to play for sure. Any time you engage him to play he will respond. He loves tag, play biting your hand, being chased, and playing fetch with his tiger (his favorite stuffed animal since he was a kitten). He is also very clingy. If he’s not napping in his closet, he’s never more than a foot or two away. He has special nap spots in every room in the apartment that he picks depending on what room we are in. He likes to act like he doesn’t like cuddling when we’re awake, but almost every night I wake up to him sleeping on my stomach or chest. He’s also super food-obsessed! We were able to teach him some tricks with treats.”

The image is self-explanatory and proves that the cat has an obsession with food. “Carrot thinks it’s a game to stick his arm through the fridge crack and grab us while we are in there. No, he has never been hurt by this (lots of people on the internet seem to think that) and luckily we are only a house of 2, are very careful, and we know when he’s doing it. The sign was put up as a reminder. The photo was not staged, and we actually didn’t even think of taking the photo until we saw him do it with the sign and laughed at how perfect it was. If it was staged we would’ve cleaned out our fridge! Haha”