Have you ever seen a cat with different colored eyes? If not, you are going to see one such cat today. We are talking about ‘Bowie the Cat’ who was rescued by a veterinarian’s office in Spain and it took care of him in 2018.

This cat got his name from his owner Maria Lloret. If you want to see this cutie, you can keep scrolling.

These adorable photos of him were taken in his first few months with Maria

According to Maria, Bowie The Cat is “sweet and sassy” at the same time. And when they’re not playing. Bowie is modeling for some photos Maria takes of him

Bowie has a condition called heterochromia, thus his different colored eyes. Maria started to share the photos of him she took online in late 20- 18-. It didn’t take long for the gorgeous kitty to become an internet sensation after that.

Bowie lives in Alicante, Spain. They usually go on some fun and safe adventures with Maria in their free time.