The British composer and artist David Bowiediedin2016.His taste in music was simply amazing.What most people did not know about him is that he absolutely adored cats. This brings us to tell you the tale of Bowie, a cat with the same condition similar to Bowie the human. Heterochromia, a rare condition that gives him one blue and one green eye. 

Bowie the cat, lived on the streets until 2018 when she was rescued by a veterinary clinic in Spain. She soon meets her mother, Maria Lloret who fell in love with her eyes and knew immediately, that she was going home.

She not only is a unique cat but she is quite a lot of fun. Her mother decided to one an account on Instagram where she shares her pictures quite often. In a short time, Bowie gained popularity and is loved by all her followers.

Maria is an advocate of animal adoption. She constantly tries to set an example for people with Bowie and hopes that people replicate them. She hopes that more and more pets get adopted in the world, and that love can be spread everywhere.