Blaze from Finland was an adorable black puppy when he was born. His owner Santeri Frilander, loves him to his core. Both Dad and Blaze were living their normal habitual life. Suddenly, Frilander notices an unexpected thing on Blaze’s body. Now, he is all over the internet.

Initially, Frinlander did not consider a tiny spot on Blaze’s ear. But slowly when these white spots gradually started popping up over his back, he got worried. Blaze never considered himself different from any other dog but he’s a popular black labrador retriever anyone could imagine.

Labrador is the most popular breed of dogs all over the world. Mainly Labs are found to have only three main colors- black (a solid black color), yellow (considered from cream to fox-red), and chocolate (medium to dark brown).

Blaze got fans

Blaze is ten years old by now living with his beloved family. Last year when he was 9, his dad saw the first spot on him which eventually increased by time. Frilander first thought these white patches were due to aging. But something made him think unusual about it so he took him to a veteran doctor. Most of the dogs turn little grey as they grew old but Blaze was special from others.

Well, Blaze has a rare condition. In this condition, fur or skin tends to lose pigmentation by time. This is a common condition in which appears mostly in humans but now seemingly appears in dogs as well. This rare disease is called Vitiligo. A positive thing about Vitiligo is that it only affects skin tone which means healthy overall.

“Blaze is a healthy and very energetic guy. He’s always ready to join you wherever you go. He even loves to travel inside a car,” said Frilander.

He also added-

“Blaze loves to walk in the woods and swim in the lake.”

Dogspotting Society- a Facebook group where Santeri Frilander uploaded a few pictures of Blaze went viral. People soon started liking him and enquired about his health. He collected around 33K likes which got him so many fans and followers.