Everyone wants to be rich! Those who aren’t fortunate enough like to show off a little bit every now and then – even if they aren’t really showing off their own riches. We don’t usually mind the innocent few, but then there are others with more sinister plans in mind. There are people who pretend to be rich so they can influence others to follow them and might even swindle them in their sinister schemes. Such ‘Fake Rich’ entrepreneurs are often found on Instagram.

Instagram Fake RIch Accounts BallerBusters
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Thankfully, there is an Instagram account that helps identify the ‘fake rich’ and exposes them online. This account is @BallerBusters. Here’s a closer look:

@BallerBusters: Exposing those Who Pretend to be Rich Entrepreneurs

One of the most recent people that the account has actually found to be a fraud is that of a teenager who claims that he has found riches by dropshipping and purchased an $8 million penthouse. However, was that the truth? No! He was actually posting the pictures while in an Airbnb!

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Instagram Fake RIch BallerBusters
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BallerBusters also caught another guy who claimed to be a successful entrepreneur and even sold courses online claiming the same. People who discovered this began to demand refunds from this ‘Fake Rich’ guy.

What is the Harm in Flaunting Fake Richness?

BallerBusters Instagram Account
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Some people just do it for aspirational value and those posts are exempted. However, if there is an ulterior motive behind displaying opulence beyond your means, you better watch out because the BallerBusters are coming for you. There are people who go to make pitch presentations and people verifying them often seen their social media and believe them for who they claim to be. Similarly, they can defraud people by claiming these riches and hence it is important that they are exposed.