Meet 2 years old pit bull who was seen wandering on roads

This story is about a helpless and pregnant pit bull who needed more care & attention than the shelter was providing her. At that time, she was found by Pits and Giggles Rescue. It is a non-profitable organization that focuses on pregnant and nursing canines. You can scroll down to know the entire story. 

She was abandoned by her owners as they don’t need her anymore

When this pregnant pit bull was brought to Pits and Giggles Rescue, a pet photographer named Lauren Casteen Sykes took some of her beautiful maternity shots.

Someone rescued and took her to the shelter

Photographer named Lauren Casteen decided to take a maternity photoshoot of her

After the first photo session, she gave birth to puppies

She did another photoshoot with her adorable puppies

That’s what people had to say about this most adorable photoshoot