Health authorities had reported 75 new cases of the measles driving outbreak in the US to a total of 839 as of May 10.

Experts warned that the outbreak is not yet over as the number of cases across 23 states gets close to the 958 reported in  1994. The highest incidence reports in the US reported 2,126 cases in 1992.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, the reported new cases represents a 9.8% rise in total measles cases. Public health officials blamed the resurgence to the spreading of misinformation regarding the measles vaccine.

Health experts pointed out that school-age children whose parents refused to give them measles vaccine were the ones most hit by the virus. Reports said that parents, some belonging to the New York ultra-orthodox Jewish communities are concerned that the vaccine may cause autism. However, medical science debunked concerns.

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Measles spreading rapidly in New York

Measles outbreak spreading rapidly in New York

CDC spokesman, Jason McDonald stated the numbers with the press. Around 66 cases were reported in New York. Updated data suggests that 41 new patients are based out of NYC whereas 25 are based out of Rockland County. Rockland County is around 40 miles north of New York City.

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Since last week, the virus has not spread to states other than New York. While in Pennsylvania, only one case was confirmed.

Re-evaluations performed this Monday. Authorities of New York City now threaten to issue a fine of $1,000 to parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated.

Contributors to the U.S Measles outbreak

Measles Outbreak in New York has caused panic among residents

Viruses were believed to be causing the disease were eradicated in 2000. But CDC said that travelers from countries where the virus remain a top concern contribute to U.S. measles outbreak.

According to federal officials, more than 40 individuals brought the virus to the U.S., mainly from the Philippines, Israel, and Ukraine.