For the first time in 27 years, the United States is gearing up to battle the worst measles outbreak the country has ever seen, and the newest front where battle cry is about to be heard is summer camp.

Measles vaccinated mandatory in New York Counties

Measles outbreak in NYCThe government has made it mandatory for campers and staff in several counties north of New York City to get vaccinated. It is worth noting that the Jewish communities residing in these areas have been affected the most by the measles outbreak.

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Proof of immunity at day and overnight camps have been mandated by Ulster county which makes it the latest in the area to issue these commands. Other areas which made a similar announcement this past month are Rockland County, Sullivan Country, and Orange County.

Ulster’s rabbi speaks up on measles outbreak 2019

Measles outbreak

Rabbi Hanoch Hecht, of Ulster County’s Camp Emunah, has revealed that all these vaccination records need to be examined and thoroughly inspected to ensure that no child or staff are vulnerable to measles. The camp hosted by the Rabbi is attended by girls of the Chabad community in Crown Heights located in Brooklyn.

He also added that although he made concessions regarding religious sentiments earlier, he no longer exempts people for these things. He also revealed that he would be getting his blood checked for immunity too.

Moreover, Governor Andrew Cuomo has also signed legislation on Thursday, which no longer allows kids who are not vaccinated to attend schools in New York. The Centre For Disease Control And Prevention has revealed that more than 1000 cases of measles have been reported in the US. The number was less than a hundred cases 10 years ago.