McDonald's has introduced the Big Vegan TS in Germany

The fast-food giant McDonald’s is not only the world’s largest restaurant chain in terms of revenue, but also seems to be at the forefront when it comes to introducing new food technologies. The fast-food giant is keeping up with a consistent trend to adopt newer food substitutes that are environmentally friendly.

McDonald’s is now launching its brand new meatless burgers in one of the largest markets all over the world, Germany.

McDonald’s Plant-Based Meat is supplied by Nestle

McDonald's has introduced the Big Vegan TS in GermanyThe burger will be called Big Vegan TS and it is being tested in Germany right now. The West European country is one of McDonald’s five largest International markets. The burger will have a plant-based meat substitute which is being supplied by Nestle, another leading developer in food technology.

McDonald’s has been selling the meatless burger in Germany for the last month and studying its performance reviews in the market. Although the plant-based meat burgers were initially seen as veggie burgers by the public. Modern technology has engineered these products to look and taste like real meat now.

Burger King also adopting vegan-friendly options

McDonald's has introduced the Big Vegan TS in GermanyAnother fast food joint that adopted the plant-based meat burger was Burger King. The brand introduced the substitute products in their famous Whopper burger.

McDonald’s has not yet announced when they will be bringing the meatless burger to the United States. A petition for the company to introduce more vegan options in their menu has already received more than 200,000 signatures.