McCain’s emotional return to ‘The View’ after father’s death


    After mourning the loss of her father, Meghan McCain made an emotional return to “The View”. She joined the show a little later than the rest of the cast, taking off time to be with her family during the tough times.

    The co-hosts welcomed her back with a thunderous applause and McCain became quite emotional on her return. McCain said,

    I have a lot of things to say and this is probably the only time I’m going to get a segment to say it, so first of all I want to thank ABC and ‘The View’ for giving me this time and I really want to thank all of America for being so kind to my family.

    She said that her father would be happy to see all the support that they got from the country from all races, ages, creeds and every praying and saluting. The entire America celebrated John McCain and gave him their love saluting the ideals that he has set for the profession. She told everyone to believe that those ideals didn’t die with him, but are still alive.

    John McCain believed America to be the greatest country in the entire world. Her daughter further said,

    He believed that when your candidate’s opponent says something racist in a rally, you push back. That is John McCain and that is what America is.

    McCain than acknowledged everyone at the table including Abby Huntsman, Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Yvette Nicole Brown. Everyone at the table has always been there for McCain and she couldn’t thank them enough for all of it. She was glad that she was surrounded by friends who were like a family to her.

    McCain  also mentioned about the farewell address by her father.

    He said we’re Americans and we must never surrender and that’s how I feel.

    Source: Toofab, The View

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