Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch not going to happen as Pacquiao vs Thurman likely to take place

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Rematch

    The entire boxing community was looking forward to the possibility of a Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch. However, they are not going to get it.

    It appears that after taking on several opponents in the ring for so many years, Floyd ‘The Money’ Mayweather is not going to box again. This is because Manny Pacquiao, one of his most memorable opponents, with whom he was heavily anticipated to have a rematch, is taking on a different rival.

    Mayweather vs Thurman  Mayweather vs Pacquiao

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    Pacquiao vs Thurman is all set to be scheduled between Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman.

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Rematch Rumours Finally Laid to Rest?

    There was heavy speculation that Floyd Mayweather is going to face Manny Pacquiao one more time before he finally ends his career. However, it now appears that the 50th win of his career against Conor McGregor was The Money’s last match and he has finally retired 50-0 and there will be no Mayweather vs Pacquiao II.

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao II

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    Rumours picked up last month when Floyd Mayweather made an announced appearance at Manila. Pacquiao, who has since become a senator in The Philippines boxes occasionally while Mayweather has taken entrepreneurship full-time.

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Replaced by Pacquiao vs Thurman

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Rematch Cancelled

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    Keith Thurman will be Pacquiao’s next opponent. This match is going to take place in July 2019. However, in boxing, we never say never. There’s still a good chance that if Pacquiao comes out as the winner here, he can challenge Mayweather again! It will be interesting to see if The Money accepts his challenge this time.

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