Mayans MC Season 1 did pretty well, so the show is returning with Mayans MC Season 2. The crime drama series fans are really excited and extremely happy to know that it’s back with Mayans MC Season 2.

The Sons of Anarchy spin-off series impressed the viewers with the exceptional performance in its debut season. FX gave a green signal to the second installment of the show after it was positively received by the viewers. Here are all the recent updates and details about Mayans MC’s upcoming season!

Nick Grad from FX Networks and FX Productions is also impressed by the show. He made a statement saying that the show has given a fantastic performance. The first season turned out to be a breakout. He also claimed that the show was the year’s highest-rated cable series. The fan base has already shown their loyalty to the show.

“The series premiered as the highest rated cable series this year and continues to sustain a committed fan base, reflecting the talent and drive of creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. We couldn’t be more excited to take this ride to a second season.”

Mayans MC Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Spoilers

As per the reports, the Mayans MC Season 1 had almost eight million viewers. The show’s creators have higher plans for the second season.

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Who will you see in Mayans MC Season 2 Cast?

The cast for Mayans MC Season 2 include:

  • JD Pardo as Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes
  • Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomas
  • Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes
  • Carla Baratta as Luisa ‘Adelita’ Espina
  • Michael Irby as Obispo ‘Bishop’ Losa
  • Richard Cabral as Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz and others

When will Mayans MC Season 2 Release?

No official date for the release of the show has been confirmed yet. According to reports, Mayans MC Season 2 is set to release in September this year.