Max Payne

Max Payne last title was launched in May 2012 that is 7 years. Max Payne series is considered as one of the best third-person shooting game. The success of the game can be given to the compelling storyline and good gameplay mechanics.


This third-person shooting franchise revolves around Max Payne and his personal life and tragedies. The franchise has got 3 parts already.

Max Payne 4 release date

In the first game titled Max Payne, the protagonist roams in the city to avenge the murder of his wife and daughter while exposing crimes of the city.

The second title “Fall of Max Payne” continues the plot and protagonist finds out that his own friend Vladimir Lem was behind his near-death experience due to Valkyr. In the third title, Max Payne works for a multi-millionaire whose family is killed in front of him and he is the only witness. Bad guys try to kill him but fail miserably.

Reasons Why Max Payne 4 is not going to happen

  1.  The character arc is complete for Max Payne. At the end of the third title, Max Payne got a classic hero’s goodbye. There are no more enemies for him. No more blood is being spilled.
  2. The second biggest reason is monetary value. The company reported a $110 million of loss which was blamed upon the low sales of Max Payne 3.
  3. GTA online and Red Dead Redemption  2 already requires a lot of resource and man hours to work properly. It is possible that Rockstar doesn’t want to meddle with the resources which can risk its successful titles.
  4. Max Payne series has been a single player story driven game. This does not strike a chord with the current business policy of Rockstar that is game as a service policy.

Max Payne 4

Even though there are many more factors that can hamper the launch of the game but fans are still hopeful about the Max Payne 4.