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Matthijs de Ligt Transfer news: Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus and PSG

Matthijs de Ligt Transfer news Barcleona Manchester City Juventus PSG

Matthijs de Ligt is a young sensation and led his team to UCL semi-final despite his young age. He became the captain of Ajax at a young age and doing a good job at it.


Ligt is in great demand because of his defensive wonders. Many clubs including Manchester United, Barcelona and City are ready to take the youngster on board. But he is not sure which club to join yet. Choosing the best one is always a concern for the players as well as their fans. So let’s have a look at some of the available options.


Matthijs de Ligt Transfer news Barcleona Manchester City Juventus PSG

The young sensation wants to have a permanent place in the squad and Pique still in the squad. Well, Barcelona can’t promise the youngster what he wishes for. There may be some issues to sign him up, but his age factor could play a role as Pique may leave in two years. There are also chances that Catalans may join them this summer.

Manchester City

Vincent Kompany’s possible departure could be a huge advantage of joining Manchester City. The team’s general may leave the club this summer and De Ligt will get his first-team role. Still, it’s all up to him and his agent whether they shift towards it or not depending upon the terms of the deal.


Juventus Talisman Cristiano Ronaldo could influence De Ligt to move to the club. The youngster was asked by them to join after the Nation’s League final.

Matthijs de Ligt Transfer news Barcleona Manchester City Juventus PSG
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PSG offers De Ligt triple the amount offered by other clubs. Money could play a huge role and push De Ligt to sign up with the club. However, he denied his ambition for money and aims to focus on the playtime for now.

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