America, the land of opportunity has changed a lot in a single day. People are not worried about what the minister has got to say instead they are concerned about what might happen if someone out of nowhere started shooting.

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The same thing happened against at one of the community meetings. Even looking at a concert ticket makes people feel vulnerable these days. When people stay in the receiving end of terrorism, the fear of getting killed by terrorists works on the most irrational part of people’s brains. And fear of dying by the hands of terrorists might be a reason why people haven’t been able to find a proper solution.


People have lost their relatives in the destruction of the World Trade Center back on 11th September 2001. During those times the heightened security present at the Barrow Airport looked absurd. There are terrorists everywhere, and most of these terrorists and potential terrorists are the homegrown American losers who couldn’t achieve anything despite having failed numerous time. The only motto these kinds of people have is to make others feel bad just the same way they felt terrible.

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Most of the people of Alaska have a connection with the Tree of Life Synagogue. And when it comes to mass shooting, Alaskans are pretty much well aware of the mass shooting. There are over 130 events such as these in America.

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In California’s Thousand Oaks, the college kids were the victims of a mass fire in a span of a year. The kids even know what they should do about it. The youngsters have grown up in the era where mass shootings are the most common stuff. Most of these kids react like soldiers, and they expect bullets everytime something goes wrong in the neighbourhood.

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The chances of occurrences of this catastrophic events are expected most of the time.