Australian actress Margot Robbie has one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood. The Suicide Squad star loves to keep fit and not surprisingly, follows a pretty healthy diet too. However, Robbie also treats herself from time to time. According to her, it’s all about moderation. Read on to find out how Margot Robbie maintains her slender frame.

Robbie has a well-balanced diet plan

Glamorous actress Margot Robbie loves to keep it simple and opts to start her day healthy with a bowl of oats.

margot robbie
Margot Robbie

She told Women’s Health magazine,

“Breakfast is usually porridge, and during the morning I’ll have an immunity-boosting smoothie.”

For lunch, Robbie tends to avoid white carbs. She tells Women’s Health,

“I’ll normally have a chicken salad for lunch, and for dinner, I’ll tuck into a tuna steak with sweet potato.”

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients and have high levels of Vitamin C and A, making them a great choice.

margot robbie
Margot Robbie has sweet potatoes or dinner

Robbie allows herself to indulge and dines out from time to time

While Margot Robbie maintains a healthy diet most of the time, she doesn’t stop herself from indulging in fast food.

She reveals she loves dining out sometimes:

“Food is a big thing for me. I love burgers and fries, which I’ll order with a pint of beer. In the US, my favorite meal is a double truffle burger from the American chain Umami Burger: it comes with a truffle cheese fondue, truffle aioli, and truffle glaze.”

Margot Robbie’s fitness routine is unique

To maintain her figure when she isn’t training for a specific role, she relies on exercise that she actually enjoys. She explains:

“When I’m not preparing for a role, I prefer to do workouts I really like, such as dance classes or playing tennis with friends,”

She is also a fan of a very L.A. kind of workout.

“[I] really got into Pilates when I moved to L.A. [in 2013] and always feel a lot better after a good stretch.”

Robbie avoids going to the gym

margot robbie
Margot Robbie prefers boxing sessions over going to the gym

While most actors stay fit by going to the gym and lifting weights, Robbie isn’t a fan. Instead, she has found more creative ways to stay in shape. She explained:

“I found boxing sessions and fighting practice for Suicide Squad really fun, but quickly realized I wasn’t so much a fan of lifting weights”

For her, winding down is a priority

Margot Robbie loves taking a break and what’s a better way to rest than sleep? Robbie makes sure that getting her beauty sleep is a priority, especially because she struggles to wind down with her busy schedule. She admitted:

“I’ve always found it hard to switch off and go to sleep at the end of the day, especially if I’ve been working.”

She reveals that she makes her bedroom as sleep-friendly as possible by doing a few things:

“I’ll put on a face mask, light some nice soothing scented candles and play relaxing music. And if I’ve had a particularly tough day, I’ll run a bath with lots of bubbles and enjoy a cold beer while I soak. Bliss.”

We can all take cues from Margot Robbie’s lifestyle and help our minds and bodies stay healthy.