Many NFL Stadiums found with empty seats


The buffalo Bills had made an announcement that there were 59119 spectators present on Sunday at the New Era field. The total capacity of the stadium was 71870.

There were many seats found empty and it seems that the estimation made was quite high. The crowd size for the Cleveland browns at the first energy stadium was 59392 and the capacity of the stadium is 67895.

Source: Newsday

Looking at this it seems Browns had decent number than the Carolina Panthers yet many photos have revealed empty seats. The New York Giants was hosted by the Washington redskins and got 40-16 but no one evidenced it. Many fans have raised their questions about the empty seats found in the NRG stadium of Houston Texans at the times of Indianapolis visit to town.

Similarly Raymond James Stadium also looked empty and fans wondered seeing the stadium.

Source: breitbart, bigsnowball

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